Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My 4th Items up for Bidding!

A huge thank you to everyone who has been bidding on my items! I am so grateful. I have 2 items in this auction. They are my "Willow Tree" sliver earrings and my "Sliver rose" sliver earrings. Both pairs of earrings have unique butterfly clasps . I love both of these pieces, The "Willow Tree" Earrings are some of my favorite, i love to sit under a beautiful big tree to read or just to relax and these are just beautiful pieces.

The "Sliver rose" Earrings are beautiful, one of my favorite disney movies is Beauty and the Beast and these earrings remind me of the rose that wilts. Beautiful earrings!

Bidding will start at $8. Remember this is for both pairs of earrings! Dig deep remember who all this money goes too! Happy bidding! Love Eve xx


  1. ooohhhhh LOVE them!!
    $20 for me!

  2. They're great (and you for being part of the auctions)! I bid $30.

  3. stunning- how do you make them? what a talented girl...

  4. Hi Belinda!
    Thankyou so much for you bid xx

  5. Hi Anna
    Can you please send me your email address. Thankyou! xx

  6. Hi Anna
    Can you please send me your email address details! thankyou xx