Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My 5th Auction!

Wow im so excited about how much money we are all raising for the QLD Floods, this is amazing!!
I have 2 more pieces i would like to Auction!
My first pair of earrings are called "Rain drops", these are sliver light weight earrings. They come with a butterfly clasp as all my sliver earring varieties do. Beautiful and Elegant.

My second pair in this Auction are called "Flower Bouquet", these are delicate bronze style earrings presented with 5 flowers on them.

Bidding will start at $8 Please keep up the wonderful bidding. This is for both pairs of earrings!
Eve xx


  1. These are gorgeous Eve! I love all the things you have listed here. I'll bid $10.

  2. sorry Sarah - I'm going to go $20
    I will get some of your earrings Eve! - eventually!!

  3. Thankyou Karen! I hope you get some earrings too!! Xx

  4. I'll take the bid up to $25

  5. Oh, I love these ones too!! :D


  6. A HUGE THANKYOU! to my Friends the " Mahe"s who have bidded $50!! Anyone care to go higher! xx