Saturday, January 15, 2011


Welcome to my new Blog "Button Galore". I wanted to put up all my items for the QLd floods so everyone could see them. This Flood has had a massive impact on me and my family. As most of you know we moved up to brisbane 5 weeks ago and it has rained ever since we moved. We have had an occasional sunny day but nothing like sunny Queensland used to be. Moving here was hard but great all at the same time. On tuesday when the Major inland tsunami happened, i was so scared, the day felt like night it was so dark, Chris had just gone to work and all i felt like doing after i watched the news was crying! My heart was aching for all the people who had lost a loved one, or just lost all of there belongings! seeing people getting rescued from rooftops just made me feel sick. At about 11am i got a emergency text saying we should leave our homes and seek higher ground. Chris called me and said he was coming home to get us, we grabbed a few things and left by the time we left our street was flooding and everyone seemed to be leaving. I could not eat all day i just felt sick from what i had seen on the news. We returned 6 hours later to find our house safe and no water damage, then we looked down the end of our street and people where sweeping water out of there garages we are so lucky the water didn't reach our house! We drove down the street today to offer our services to see if anyone needed some help ripping up carpets. Everyone seemed to be coping okay. Other people are so much worse off than our street. So my Sister in law toni and her sister Carli came up with an fantastic idea! Bidding on items for the Flood appeal so i have a few items i would like to add!

1st we have 6 button Clips! i love these, these are made with some vintage buttons which i have this massive love for at the moment. They are super cute.
Making these has helped me as i feel like m trying to do something to help the many people who have lost everything.

To bid all you have to do is leave a comment below! They have started at $% but on my facebook page have gone up to $20 if anyone would love to bid more that would be fantastic. Please give generously to the flood victims! They need our love help and support at this tragic time.


  1. Sure, i have lots of daughters who would love these, $25, love Posie

  2. THANKYOU POSIE! you are the highest bidder at $25... Thankyou again Eve xx